What we do

Bending pipes and Hydraulic hoses 

Best Hoses is specialized in bending and endforming of rigid pipes in various types of metal and on hydraulic hoses assemblied for various industrial applications.

Precise company's strategic choices have led us to pay attention to high quality standards both on the production processes that on customer care.
Our business technology content are based on latest machinery Crippa and BLM, on a computer system which ensures that production is planned and the respect of times, cost and technical specifications. The quality demanded by the customer is guaranteed by quality control both during production and in the final stage.

We guarantee not only the specific processes of bending and shaping, but also the manage to complete the finished product by controlling the entire processing cycle. This thanks to our Hydraulic Division, which ensures the integration of the bended pipoe with the flexible element connected, and the collaboration with partner companies to complete and deliver the product through external processing such as heat treatment, etc.